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We are experienced growers that specialize in raising crops in urban environments. We not only grow the product, but also build urban farm solutions. We think of everything here at GH Urban Farms. Temperature, proper sunlight, water, nutrients all have to be taken into account. Our farms come with the best setups. Without the proper equipment and know-how it's difficult to start a farm. Call us for a consultation to start your own farm. Based on the size you need we can figure out a solution to fit your needs. Call today.


They taught us a lot of things when we were in school. Economics, Math, Science it's like they were building me to be an Astronaut. They never taught us essential survival skills like being able to grow food. At GH Urban Farms we believe that essential life skills like growing food should be taught in schools. Every neighborhood should have an urban farm. If your parents didn't teach you how to grow food, school didn't teach you, we would.  The inspiration behind these farms is knowing we are spreading a core life skill that everybody should know. We can help set you up with an Urban Farm Solution for your school, religious organization, private home, fundraiser, or special event. Give us a call for a consultation today. 


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