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Our Values and Philosophy

The team at GH Urban Farms cares about the environment. We care a lot. Every day all over the globe trees are cut down to make room for skyscrapers. Forests are destroyed killing off ecosystems and all of the wildlife along with it. The world is a scary place for everyone including plants, and animals.

We are growers. We grow plants, food, herbs, and love putting a garden or green house smack in the middle of a busy street. Our philosophy is to do what we can to replenish any trees or plants that have been cut down with new ones. If you are a developer that cleared a few square miles of land to build houses we can't urge you enough to replenish the land with grass, trees, and bushes. If everyone does their part the world will be a better place to live.

When I was in school I learned a lot about Science, Math, Literature, and Computers. However, I didn't learn about things I needed to survive. I didn't learn about interest rates, mortgages, loans, how to use tools, build shelter, or how to grow food. They left out a lot of basic life skills that I needed to learn on my own. I'm all set to become an astronaut, but as far as being able to grow a crop of potatoes, nope.

GH Urban Farm's mission is to put an urban garden anywhere they'll let us. Gardens are visually appealing and can boost the look and value of a property. We don't want to just build a garden for you. We want to educate you on how to grow food, and the importance of keeping trees, bushes, and grass around. It's better for the environment, and spreading the knowledge of farming is a way of life for us. Even if it is just a backyard farm, or something for a school project.



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